I’m so Fancy!



This bouquet includes a variety of twelve donuts!

2x Lotus Biscoff filled donuts

1x Nutella filled donut

1x Nutella filled topped with Kinder Schoko Bon

1x Peanut butter Jelly filled donut topped with peanut butter cups

1x White chocolate and Strawberry Jam filled

1x Kinder Bueno donut

1x Ferrero rocher donut

1x Snickers donuts

1x White chocolate Rafaello donut

1x Choc MnM donut

1x White chocolate donut topped with Lotus Biscoff

1x 10ml Strawberry Jam Syringe

1x 10ml Nutella Syringe

Surrounded by caramel popcorn and Kinder Schoko Bon

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