Our mission is to share happiness one box at a time across Berlin! 


To make the freshest, tastiest and most eye-catching donut boxes!


We believe we can offer the perfect gift for any occasion! 


It is safe to say that good food can absolutely bring people happiness! It is also true that by sending a surprise to someone can demonstrate how much you love, appreciate and care for them.

We believe that it’s not about what you give, but the element of the SURPRISE itself! With our Co-founder originally starting as a chef 10 years ago in a high-end restaurant, he soon learnt how good quality food can make people so happy which is what brought him so much joy. Sugar and Shit Talk was soon created when we realised that by combining delicious food and surprises, we can make people feel special, smile and laugh!

So, if you know someone that could use a little pick me up or want to show your appreciation, pick a box and add it to your cart. We will personally deliver them a box of joy on behalf of you but you will be the one to reap all the benefits.